Home Improvement Tips To Prepare For The Summer Storm Season – Skiatookjournal.com: Seasonal

To keep your home secured and operating without power, Del Grande recommends installing a permanent standby generator system. A standby generator like those from Kohler is a backup electrical system located on the outside of your home that turns on automatically when power is lost. Standby generators run on propane or natural gas, so they dont need to be refueled, and they provide quality power that wont damage appliances or electronics. They can keep all the essentials running like the sump pump, your heating or air-conditioning, large appliances, lights and the security system, making it possible to protect your home from additional storm damage. Having backup power is critical for homes with children, the elderly or anyone with special medical needs. http://skiatookjournal.com/online_features/seasonal/home-improvement-tips-to-prepare-for-the-summer-storm-season/article_25c7ad46-0ff9-5545-a172-66147fbb4674.html


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