Nyc’s Aging Bus Terminal To Get Patchwork Fixes – Yahoo News

Taking a look at agriculture in Lewis and Clark County

First Community Bank

They need to expand this facility,” he says. Janna Chernetz of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a rider advocacy group, said the latest improvements may help with commuter comforts but they don’t address the primary problem a terminal stretched to its operating capacity. “What is needed is a new garage and that has been needed for years,” she said. Hospital worker Israel Ramos, who gets to his bus via subway, says he stands in a line that winds through the building, some days including as many as 1,000 people.

Im sure they are exhausted after the biggest week of the year! Fair week also reminds me of an industry that sometimes isnt recognized as being as big and important as it should: agriculture. Lewis and Clark County is one of the larger counties in Montana at 3,498 square miles, of which just 37 square miles is water. At one time, other than the riches of gold coming out of the gulch, this entire area was made up of ranches and farms.


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