Should Kids Get A Trophy For Showing Up? : Npr Ed : Npr

Smith: Glen win ‘almost as big as Daytona’ – Yahoo Sports

The ‘Yes’ Votes Kenneth Barish, a clinical associate professor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College, isn’t afraid to say it: He thinks kids should get trophies for participation. “This is a minority view now,” he says with a laugh, admitting that he’s had to defend the idea even within his own family. Barish says he sees no harm in adults encouraging participation with a trophy and that he’s found no evidence the practice leads to entitlement among kids. “It may be all they get,” says Jorge Perez, vice president of youth development and social responsibility for the YMCA, another Yes vote. The Y has made a habit of giving participation trophies, he explains, “because we want to anchor the experience.” A few years back, Perez says, several young men visited him with YMCA baseball trophies they’d received as kids.

— Regan Smith grew up 90 minutes northeast of Watkins Glen International and remembers coming to a lot of races at the facility. The 30-year-old still acts like a kid when he comes back to the Glen, especially after finishing fourth last year, a career best on a road course. “When you get ready to practice here, I get a little more giddy becaust it’s just a fun race track to go out and drive as a driver,” Smith said. “In terms of road courses, I’m not the best road racer in America by any means so they’re all challenging to me, but this one, I feel a little more at home at and have more confidence coming into it.” Smith trails JR Motorsports teammate Chase Elliott by two points after 20 races this season.–nascar.html

Carrington Mortgage Services Addresses Achieving Homeownership on Designing Spaces™ on the Lifetime Channel – Yahoo Finance

New Homeowners and Carrington Mortgage Services Customers Derek and Kari Ellerd

For these consumers, obtaining access to appropriate financing options can be a challenge one that Carrington is uniquely equipped to handle due to the company’s ability to both originate quality loans and appropriately service them after the fact. While Carrington will continue to provide a wide breadth of product and support to borrowers across all ranges of the credit spectrum, the company will increase its attention and focus on providing service to that underserved segment of the market where it can make the most impact and where its core competencies are obviously needed.To accelerate and further enhance its ability to give this market the attention it deserves, Carrington has lowered its minimum credit requirement to a FICO score of 550, and expanded its guidelines on a number of FHA, VA and USDA loan programs, extending eligibility to more property types and reducing overlays. As advocates of borrower education and in support of the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of the underserved market, Carrington developed patent-pending MyLoanDetail, a proprietary online loan review resource designed to improve the financial literacy of its customers by walking every customer through the details of their loan. This education initiative will help to ensure borrower understanding of loan terms and responsibilities.


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