Nyc’s Bus Terminal, The Nation’s Busiest With 220,000 Riders A Day, Soon To Get Patchwork Fix | Fox Business

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)The Associated Press Next Slide Previous Slide NEW YORK At the nation’s busiest bus station, winding lines of riders wait amid cracked floors, crumbling ceiling tiles and a wheezing air-conditioning system helped along by old-fashioned floor fans. Dark corridors of Manhattan’s aging Port Authority Bus Terminal are populated by homeless men and women, and the sweet smell of warm pretzels from rows of food stalls mixes with an occasional whiff of urine. After a recent test ride from the New Jersey suburbs, the Port Authority’s new chairman, John Degnan, offered a one-word review: “Unacceptable.” While public attention and money is finally turning to improving LaGuardia Airport and the Penn Station rail hub two other rundown, overcrowded New York transportation centers the 64-year-old bus terminal has lurked under the radar for decades, seemingly stuck in a sad time warp. A statue out front of a grinning Ralph Kramden, Jackie Gleason’s bus driver character in “The Honeymooners” sitcom from the 1950s, only serves to underscore the impression.

“You gotta take advantage of it:” Jared Abbrederis living a dream on second day of Packers Training Camp |

Hardworking and coachable. Carved up Ohio State CB Bradley Roby to the tune of 10-207-1. The says of AbbrederisWEAKNESSES:Has a slender build and needs to bulk up and get stronger. Ordinary pop off the line. Builds to average speed.


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