Home Depot Offers Free Class To Children/wpmen – Arklatexhomepage.com

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They are held on the first Saturday of every month. Children and their parents can go and partake in a fun building/painting project. Previously, kids have built wooden planes, a tool box, and bug catcher. The next class is Saturday, August 9th. Home Depot also holds a free woman’s workshop as well. http://www.arklatexhomepage.com/story/d/story/home-depot-offers-free-class-to-childrenwpmen/20371/iodOcyJmAEOsb2xOEMpU9A

The website, which is now live, provides anyone with an impending celebration, such as a baby shower, wedding, or major life event that calls for a change in housing needs, an alternate and innovative way to bring their dream projects to life. Additionally, it makes gifting easy and hassle free. Feather the Nest users can register their dream nest by filling out a form detailing their wish, adding pictures or videos telling their story, and then sharing their financial goal needed to accomplish their project. http://www.buildingonline.com/apps/news/article/13105

BuildingOnline eUpdate News: New Gift Registry Lets You Give Home Improvement Gifts | construction industry news

consumers from other countries. Internet phone service, Caller ID spoofing software, prepaid cell phones that scammers buy anonymously and discard, auto-dialers and other technology make it easy and inexpensive for crooks to contact U.S. consumers from anywhere in the world, said Amber Capoun, president of NACPI. http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/26162266/what-your-biggest-consumer-complaint


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